October 22, 2013, "2013/2014 Annual US / canada goose outlet store visa, tourist products, new" Travel Act "points" special training by the World Bank TTS Travel, Tourism Toronto held jointly held in Dalian New World. Responsible for dozens of media reporters and Dalian travel agencies, namely transfer, sale, outreach nearly a hundred people attended the training.
Mr. Wang Suqi Training Brigade at the World Bank president (outbound Our expert trainer) explained the new "Travel Act" has just been implemented in the National Day of the many problems encountered by future changes, travel agents should be how to deal with? Won four major elements of a US visa in 2013/2014 and the new techniques to circumvent Canadian visa difficulties, sales mainland travel agencies, including transfer of learning to grasp the product sales in Canada seven steps and techniques, as well as the future of Chinese outbound tourists in the development of a market an analysis to explain.
China Market Development Manager Miss Canada Goose Jacket Ping Toronto Tourism Toronto to show you a brilliant. In addition to the culture, food, accommodation, transport, attractions, tourism resources, as well as beautiful scenery throughout the year as well as different regions of Canada retained a variety of folk festivals. In addition, Canada has introduced brands like: Canada goose down jacket (Canada coose), Lulu Lemon clothing, MAC makeup cosmetics, ROOTS leather bag, Cowichan sweaters and other brands, also introduced Canada gift - three in Ontario treasure: maple syrup , ice wine, ginseng origin of culture and industry participants do the exchange and interaction.
Finally, Universal line CITS president made ??his concluding remarks, he said Chinese citizens travel to Canada for three years just walked history to Canada's growth has in recent years the number of over 30%. Toronto Tourism optimistic about China's outbound market will maintain rapid development momentum, combined with their many years of cooperation partners of the initiative - Canada Goose Online Line merchants - Beijing World Bank country trip, adjust strategies, change methods, not only will promote sights China's second and third tier markets and will approach from the traditional image of the country was changed to training sales promotion major attractions of the city of Toronto product. Welcomes more Chinese tourists to visit Canada Goose Sale. Visit :http://canadagooseoutlet.jessicaforcongress.com